Leaf Diseases of Hardwoods


maple anthracnose

Anthracnose on maple after early spring infection.

Maple anthracnose

Anthracnose on maple after late spring infection when leaves had already been developed.

ash anthracnose

Ash anthracnose after early spring infection.


Anthracnose on ash leaflets that had fallen off the tree. Defoliation occurs rapidly when leaves are infected in early spring.

Ash anthracnose

Ash anthracnose symproms when infection occurs after leaves are fully formed.

oak anthracnose

Antracnose on oak after early spring infection. Symproms can look like a wilt disease.


Anthracnose on oak with infection occurring after the leaves had fully formed.

Anthracnose on horse chestnut

Anthracnose on Aesculus sp.