Lecture Schedule

Spring 2021

Date Topic
January 20 Introduction
25 Abiotic and noninfectious diseases
27 Abiotic and noninfectious diseases continued
February 1 General characteristics of fungi
 3 Biology and ecology of fungi
8 Leaf diseases and disease control
10 Leaf diseases continued and Diseases of aspen and hybrid poplar
15 Canker diseases of hardwoods 
17 Chestnut Blight, Introduced pathogens
22 Canker diseases of conifers
 24 Exam 1
March 1 Dutch elm disease
3 Oak wilt, Verticillium wilt
8 Discussion session on wilt diseases
10 Foliar diseases of conifers
15 White pine blister rust
17 Stem and Gall Rusts (including Fusiform Rust)
 22 Leaf and needle rusts
 24 Exam 2
29 Wood decay fungi, wood decomposition
31 Discoloration and decay in living trees- Hazardous trees
April 12 Wood products deterioration
13 Root rot fungi
19 Diseases caused by BacteriaPhytoplasma (Ash Yellows, Elm Yellows) and Nematodes
21  Nursery diseases Mycorrhizae and Phytophthora
 26 Dwarf and leafy mistletoe
28 Forest fungi
May 3 Exam 3