Photo of the Week

Anthracnose on maple

This homeowner asks "Is my maple tree going to die?" Anthracnose can cause lots of damage to leaves when we have a cool wet spring. It can look very bad but the tree is not going to die.

Anthracnose on oak

Anthracnose on oak can also cause great concern among homeowners.  Many jump to the conclusion that the tree is dying from oak wilt or some other serious disease.

spores of Penicillium

Many fungi such as this Penicillium species produce large quantities of asexual spores. Scanning electron micrograph of culture surface showing conidiophores and conidia.

Tree wrapped

To protect trees from winter injury, some arborists in China use elaborate methods of wrapping trees.

red pine trees

Keeping forest and urban landscape trees healthy requires a good knowledge of tree diseases. This class will provide you with important information you can use in the future. Watch this page for new photos each week.