General Charateristics of Fungi



Mushroom with gills.

basidia on gill of mushroom 

A section of a gill from a mushroom showing the basidia and basidiospores. Basidiospores have been stained red.

Basidia and basidiospores

Section of a gill showing basidia and basidiospores. Basidiospores are dark colored.

12121222.jpg (14413 bytes)

High magnification of one basidia and two basidiospores

1. Basidia 2. Basdiospore 3. Stalk or sterigmata (difficult to see under the microscope).

basidia from a pore of a wood decay fungus

A scanning electron micrograph showing basidia and basidiospores. Four basidiospores are produced on a basidium. The basidia and sterigmata that hold the basidiospores can be clearly seen in this image.