Canker Diseases of Hardwoods

Canker Diseases of Hardwoods 

For all of these diseases you can also get additional information by reading the sections for the disease in Sinclair's book.

General Information on Hardwood Canker Diseases

Beech bark disease

Black knot

Golden Canker note this publication uses an older name for the pathogen. The new name is Aurantioporthe corni

Butternut canker

---More information on butternut canker

Neonectria/Nectria cankers 

Hypoxylon canker

Chestnut Blight

Thousand Canker Disease of Black Walnut

Laboratory review: Information and photographs will be added after the class has met.

Nectria / Neonectria cankers: Nectria cinnabarina and Neonectria ditissima (N. ditissima is a newer name for Nectria galligena)

Beech Bark Disease

Eutypella and Strumella Canker

Chestnut Blight

Hypoxylon Canker

Butternut Canker, Black Knot, Diamond Willow and Golden Canker