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SO2 Birch

SO2 damage on birch leaf. Interveinal necrosis.

SO2 damage spruce czech republic

SO2 damage to spruce in the Czech Republic.

Flourine damage on birch

Flourine damage on birch. Necrosis at the margins of leaves.

Ozone Damage

Ozone damage on leaf.

Salt damage on Pines

Salt damage on pines next to roadway.

Salt Damage on White Pine

Salt damage on white pine next to road.

Salt Damage on Maple

Salt damage on maple leaves.

Winter Injury on Scots Pine

Winter injury from desiccation on Scots pine.

Winter Injury on Spruce

Winter injury from desiccation on newly planted spruce.

Frost Crack on Oak

Frost crack on oak. Frost cracks can originate from old wounds.

Winter Sunscald on young tree

Winter sunscald on south side of young tree.

Iron Chlorosis on Oak

Iron chlorosis on oak (leaves on right). Healthy oak leaf on left.


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