General Charateristics of Fungi

Asexual Ascomycota - Deuteromycota

Conidia of Fusarium

Macroconidia produced by Fusarium. This fungus also produces smaller microconida (not seen in this photograph).

fusariummacroconidia.jpg (9794 bytes)

Additional micrographs of Fusarium macroconidia.

spores of Geotrichum

Geotrichum produces chains of arthrospores at the ends of the hyphae. (from

12121205.jpg (4967 bytes)

Higher magnification showing the barrell-shaped asexual spores of Geotrichum.

Conidia of Pestalotia

Conidia of Pestalotia. Note the multi-celled spores with projections at both ends of the spore.