Diplodia Canker

Canker Diseases - Conifers

Diplodia canker

Diplodia on pine

Shoot dieback caused by Diplodia sapinea on a campus tree. These infections started after a drought that occurred a few years ago.

Diplodia shoot blight

Shoot blight on pine. Shoots are susceptible to infection at bud break in the spring.

Diplodia canker on pine

Diplodia can also cause cankers on branches and the main stems of pine. The fungus enters wounds and is most severe after drought periods.

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Pycnidia at base of needles produce conidia.

15151504.jpg (30329 bytes)

Pycnidia are also produced on a cones.

15151510.jpg (41630 bytes)

Higher magnification of pycnidia on cone.

Pycnidia on cone

A scale from an older pine cone showing lots of pycnidia.