Fir Broom Rust

Leaf Rusts of Hardwoods and Needle Rusts of Conifers

Juniper Broom Rust - Gymnosporangium nidus-avis 

19191909.jpg (31322 bytes)

Juniper with witches' broom.

Juniper broom rust telia

The telia form firectly on the needles. This photo shows the telia (dark areas) when dry.

19191910.jpg (41150 bytes)

Telia on branches from a juniper broom during wet weather. The telia have expanded producing a gelatinous mass which contains the teliospores.

Service berry with rust

Serviceberry, Amelanchier, is the alternate host for Juniper Broom Rust.

19191911.jpg (23517 bytes)

Pycnia are produced on top surface of Amelanchier leaves.

19191912.jpg (26248 bytes)

Aecia are produced on the bottom of Amelanchier leaf. The aeciospores infect junipers

Fir-Broom Rust

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Melampsorella causes a withches' broom on fir. The alternate host is chickweed (photo not shown).

19191916.jpg (26718 bytes)

Pycnia and aecia are produced on needles of the broom on balsam fir.

pycnia and aecia of fir broom rust

A view through the stereoscope showing a needle with pycnia (black dots) and aecia (white structures that produce aeciospores).