Foliar Diseases of Conifers

Needle Diseases


Rhizosphaera needle disease -This link is to a pdf file and it may take some time to load.

Rhabdocline and Swiss Needlecast of Dougals-fir

Brown spot needle disease of pine

Additional readings for students in 5003 - other students can view these links for their general information.

Swiss needle cast a summary of why the disease is causing big problems in the Western United States

Needle diseases of balsam fir

Laboratory Review: Information for review will be added after the class has met.

Rhizosphaera needle disease

Brown spot and Dothistroma

Lophodermium, Hypodermella and Elytroderma

Rhabdocline, Swiss Needle Cast and Didymascella

Brown Felt Blight and Sooty Molds