Leucocytospora Canker of Spruce

Canker Diseases - Conifers

Leucocytospora Canker of Spruce

Leucocytospora on spruce

Leucocytospora canker can kill branches throughout the tree but does not move into the main trunk.

Leucocytospora canker

Branch cankers on stems of blue spruce caused by Leucocytospora kunzei.

Spruce wounds on branches

Wounds on blue spruce branches. Sometimes you see wounds on spruce due to lawn moving or other mechanical damage. These have different characteristics than cankers.

Pitch Canker on Southern Yellow Pine

Pitch canker

Main stem canker caused by Fusarium circinatum. Lots of pitch flows out of the cankered area.

Pitch canker on branch

Pitch canker on branches. Resin flows from the canker and sporodochia form on the cankered area (not visible in this photo with all the pitch).