Mycosphaerella and Dothistroma

Needle Diseases

Brown spot - Mycosphaerella dearnessii

Brown spot

Longleaf pine in the grass stage infected with brown spot.

Brown spot on longleaf pine

Each spot on this longleaf pine is from a separate infection.

16161617.jpg (29920 bytes)

Lesions caused by brown spot on long leaf pine needles.

acervulus of Brown spot fungus

Acervuli or conidial stromata being produced on needle lesion. Asexual spores are produced in these structures.

Acervulus of Dothistroma

Another photo of the asexual fruiting bodies.

Dothistroma pini ( Mycosphaerella pini) - on pine

16161609.jpg (32624 bytes)

Dothistroma needle disease on pine.


Lesions on nedles cause by Dothistroma.


Higher magnification showing lesions on needles of Austrian pine.


Asexual spores are produced from an acervulus (dark fruiting bodies in photo pushing through the needle epidermis).