Stem Rusts


Comandra Rust - Cronartium comandrae

18181802.jpg (27226 bytes)

Comandra rust canker on the main stem of pine.

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Microscopic view of aeciospores. The shape of these aeciospores is different from those of other stem rusts.

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Alternate host - Comandra umbellata

Sweetfern Rust - Cronartium comptoniae

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Sweetfern rust on main stem of pine. Infection is restricted to the lower bole.

18181819.jpg (31240 bytes)

Seedlings infected with sweetfern rust. The top seedling is at the stage where pycnia are produced. The bottom seedling has aecia.

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Sweetfern, Comptonia aspenifolia, is an alternate host for this rust.

18181821.jpg (20819 bytes)

Sweet gale, Myrica gale, is another alternate host.

Stalactiform Rust - Cronartium coleosporioides

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Main stem infection on pine.

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Cowwheat, Melampyrum lineare, is an alternate host.

18181830.jpg (18756 bytes)

Indian paint brush, Castilleja species is another alternate host.