Eutypella and Strumella Canker

Canker Diseases- - Hardwoods


Eutypella canker

A very large and old Eutypella canker on maple.

Small Eutypella cankers on maple

Young 2-4 year old Eutypella cankers on small diameter maple.

Eutypella perithecia with long black necks

Eutypella produces black perithecia with long necks on the surface of cankers (black areas in bark cracks)

Eutypella perithecia

Black perithecia viewed under a stereoscope ahowing the long necked perithecia.


Another view of the long-necked, black perithecia produced by Eutypella on the surface of the canker.


Strumella / Urnula Canker on Oak


Strumella (or Urnula) canker on oak.


Young canker on oak stem caused by Strumella (or Urnula).


Ascocarps of Urnula, formed on dead woody material (not on cankers), produce asci and ascospores that cuase cankers on oak trees.