Vascular Wilts

Vascular Wilts

Oak Wilt

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Leaf symptoms

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Vascular discoloration in red oak branch is at the outer xylem.

oak wilt discoloration

Vascular discoloration in white oaks can occur within the xylem since white oaks may survive for some time after infection.

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Crack in bark of red oak caused by mycelial mat of the oak wilt fungus.

oak wilt mats

The fungus causing oak wilt produces fungal mats under the bark. These produce pressure to break open the bark.

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Sap feeding beetles that vector oak wilt.


Endoconidia of Bretziella (Ceratocystis) fagacearum. a= conidia, b= conidiophore


Endoconidia of Bretziella (Ceratocystis) fagacearum.

Perithecia of oak wilt fungus

Perithecia formed by the oak wilt fungus. The perithecium has a black bulbous base, neck and white mass of sticky ascospores that came out of the perithecium.