Wood decay

Wood Products Deterioration


White rots: White-pocket rot Top of photo. White rot with bleached white appearence (bottom of photo).

soft rot in wood from a waterlogged environment

Soft-rot in wood. These fungi attack wood in extreme environments - such as very wet or very dry conditions. This wood came from a waterlogged environment.

soft rot in wood from a dry environment

Another example of soft rot. This wood was from Chaco Canyon, a dry desert site in New Mexico.

Brown-rot. A diffuse attack of cellulose occurs resulting in large amounts of strength losses during early stages of decay.

brown rot in timber

Brown rot in timber at site of moisture accumulation.

brown rot in buildings

Brown rot from an old building on 7th Street in St Paul, MN (built in the late 1800's). Extensive decay, mycelial fans and white rhizomorphs can be seen.

Serpula rhizomorphs

White rhizomorphs produced by Serpula lacrymans used to transport nutrients and water.

Serpula fruiting bodies

Fruiting body of Serpula lacrymans.


White rhizomorphs and fruiting body of Meruliporia incrassata.


Fruiting body of Gloeophyllum trabeum. View of the undersurface of the basidiocarp.