Families of Basidiomycetes

Wood Decay Fungi

Using Frisian common names- These names are based on macroscopic structures and helps put these fungi into very general categories. Newer names based on microscopic and genetic characterisitics exist for many of these fungi. The identification below is used to just explore the general diversity of these fungi. Once this is known you can find the newer names more easily in various guidebooks.        

Families of Basidiomycota

mushroom gills

Agaricaceae - fungi with gills. Many mushrooms are in this group.

20202011.jpg (23705 bytes)

Another gilled mushroom.

20202010.jpg (30682 bytes)

Thelephoraceae - fungi with a smooth sporulating surface (no pores, gills or teeth-like structures).


A differnet speices that is dark colored but also smooth with basidia and basidiospores formed on the surface. These are usually oriented down and this branch has been turn over to show the fruiting body.


Another Thelephoraceae with its basidia and basidiospores formed on the smooth white surfaces of this fungus.


Hydnaceae are fungi with teeth-like projections. This one is Echinodontium with very large teeth-like structures. This fungus grows in the western states on fir.

20202012.jpg (53370 bytes)

Higher magnification of tooth-like structures where the basidia form on the outer surfaces of the "teeth".


The lower surface of another fungus in the Hydnaceae. This one has fine teeth-like structures. Basidia and Basidiospores form on the surface of the "teeth".

20202004.jpg (57620 bytes)

Polyporaceae - fungi with pores - this is a view of the top of this fruiting body

pores in Polyporus

Bottom surface showing small pores